Push Past Your Growth Stall

When you’ve tried all the growth tactics and still aren’t seeing growth  


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I work with B2B SaaS companies that are experiencing a growth stall or want to prevent a stall from happening in the future. I work well with customer-centric companies, who have the foresight to know that assumptions should be questioned. 

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Growth Insights

What small, scrappy marketing teams need to perform like they’ve got a Mckinsey size budget.

Best Buyer Personas

Ditch Mary the Marketer and learn facts about your customers that you can actually use across the organization.

Growth Consulting

Get back into growth mode in 12 weeks. We’ll work together to identify the bottlenecks in your organization, and create strategic frameworks to bring your org back into alignment and towards growth.

“Adrienne spoke with 21 of our customers. This was incredibly useful: it helped us better understand our customers, develop personas, and understand what other personas might be out there.”

Carlos Serra


Start Growing in One Quarter with the M.A.P. Playbook

The most important factor in accelerating a company back towards growth after a growth stall, is time.

The longer it takes to swing towards growth, the longer the stall will last. 

And data shows that stalls can last decades.



Hi! I'm Adrienne, the founder of ANB SaaS Consulting and Growth,


And I’m passionate about helping companies push past growth stalls.

There are often red flags and warning signs that are almost impossible for executives and leadership to see, but with the right guidance become clear reasons for stalled growth.

86% of companies will experience a growth stall.

It’s a part of doing business, but that doesn’t mean you have to tolerate it forever. 

My clients have usually tried re-writing their website, increasing paid ads, and even tried product expansion through new products or accusation. but still find themselves stuck.

If you’ve tried all the typical growth tactics and still aren’t seeing growth, we should chat!

I’ve been a SaaS consultant for over 5 years, and understand the struggles with growth, team building, and strategic alignment, and has applied these learnings to create the only framework dedicated to get your company back to growth when nothing else works.


Some of The Amazing Companies I’ve Worked With


“When I met Adrienne, I saw how well she could grasp what the platform was trying to do, the problems it was solving, and why it provided value to the customer. She was able to distill the information she collected into clear, crisp stories that the rest of the organization could understand.”

  • Jeena James, EVP & General Manager, WebPageTest (Catchpoint)

“Adrienne helped us with the first stages of research for a new product launch. She was amazing to partner with. Her expertise helped our team move forward and the insights we learned helped us with the launch. We’re looking forward to working together again. “

Brian Moesley


If you’re ready to increase revenue and get back to growth, here's our next steps...

Step 1

We schedule a 30 min call to see if we’re a good fit for each other. You’ll give me an overview of your needs, and I’ll share my availability.


Step 2

If we’re a good fit, I’ll send you a proposal or statement of work depending on the size of the project. You’ll know exactly how much everything will cost, the date we can start, and the final deadline of deliverables.

Step 3

Once the proposal is approved and contract is signed, We get to work! We identify your company’s money-making metric.

Step 4

We’ll work with you to execute all the findings and get your company in alignment and on the continued path of growth.

Why is it important to respond to growth stalls quickly?

Research shows the sooner you move out of the growth stall, the better. For some companies it can take decade to recover a long term growth stall.

And the growth tactics that grew your company wont be the tactics that push you out of the stall.  

The MAP Playbook generates growth within 12 weeks, identifies organizational bottlenecks, and builds the new framework and strategy with you to create continued growth.  

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I love writing about b2b saas growth

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