If you have a business, whether it’s a service-based, or products-based business, completely online, or a brick and mortar you may be asking yourself if you really need a blog. Things are going well enough as is, right? Why go through the trouble of writing a blog or hiring a copywriter to write one for you!?! Many businesses large and small are turning to business blogging for many reasons.

 #1 and the most impactful reason to blog for your business is because of Google. Google’s little information bots love new content. A website that produces new content frequently will have those little bots bouncing back and forth often. What exactly does that mean for you? Customers will be able to find you easier.

For example, let’s say that you sell porcelain dolls. You have a blog that creates new content two times a week. In each one of those blog posts, you write the term ‘beautiful porcelain dolls’ 5 times. Because you have created new content and used a key phrase of words repeatedly the Google bots are now racing and back and forth from Google to your website. Which means the next customer who Googles ‘beautiful porcelain dolls’ will be sent straight to your site. You have now easily gained new customers and traffic to your website without spending a cent on advertising. That just makes good business sense.

#2 is because blogs are social media friendly. Blogs are easily shared through all social media platforms. The more times something is shared, and read, the more people know you exist. If people know you exist, you have already won the battle! We all know it’s easier to sell to a warm audience than a cold one.

#3 because despite what people use to say, business IS personal. People want to know who they are buying from, they want to know the story and history behind the company. We are in a ‘connection economy’ as Jared Latigo calls it, and your customers want to know who they are doing business with. If you don’t share with them, there is someone else on the next site over, who is sharing and connecting all while making money. Blogging for business builds a relationship between the company and the customer. As a business owner, that is a relationship you want to be in!

Start writing today and see how it transforms your business! If you’re lost on where to begin let’s talk. I’m here to help your business become personal for your customers.