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Who I am

Hi! I’m Adrienne Nakohl. I’m a copywriter and editor with more than 10 years experience. I’m passionate about using the written word to promote your brand, message, or product. If Facebook ads, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and blogs have your head spinning, let me help take that off of your t0-do list.  I understand the unique needs and challenges that your business faces, with successful marketing trends leaning toward hyper-personalization and story telling, your business needs my expertise. Let me refine the message that will translate to your specific audience and help you succeed!  I’m a former High School English teacher (a great crash course in copywriting and marketing!), and I have also worked in Social Media Marketing for the past two years. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Texas Wesleyan University. I’d love to hear from you, email me at [email protected]