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“Whoever gets closest to the customers wins.”-Bernadette Jiwa

So small, scrappy teams perform like they have a McKinsey size budget.


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Customer research is broken

Usually, customer research takes months to complete, requires hundreds of customers, and costs thousands of dollars before you learn anything.
Then when you do get the info, it’s a slide deck that sits in your Google Drive that gets forgotten in a couple of weeks.

Until Now…

Growth Insights is the easy solution for small, scrappy teams

See Shift and Trends While They Happen

Because we do both quantative and qualitiative research, you know exactly what will resonate with your actual customers. 

Perform Like You've Got A MicKinsey Sized Budget

With our team of expert researchers you’ll have the insights and data that will help you perform like the big guys. 


The Right Answers, Fast

72 hours after you fill out your brief, you’ll know exactly where your customers are online, what words they use, and where to reach them. 


Companies that speak to their customers are 466% more successful than those that don’t.

Customer Experience Strategy Data

Growth Insights is dedicated to helping you learn more about your customers so you can

  • Create successful marketing campaigns that don’t break the bank

  • Understand your customer’s pain points and buyer’s journey

  • Quickly create ads, blog posts, and landing pages with the words and concerns of your actual customers

Growth Insights In Your Inbox


Save Your Money

Companies that make data-backed decisions are 466% more successful than those that don’t.
Growth Insights helps you save money and resources.

Hit Your Target Every Time

Third-party data is going away and the cost to reach customers is only going up. Use your first-party data to reach and resonate with your customers.



Customer Experience Strategy Data

Grow Your Business

The best way to grow your business is to never be caught off guard by your customers. Keep up to date with simple and consistent insights



What Do You Get With Your Subscription?

Customer Chats– the only way to understand why a customer buys and behaves the way they do is to get on the phone and ask them. Your greatest insights will come from what we learn in these chats. Two of our plans include customer chats.

Strategic survey– need to know why customers churn. Or why they’re buying your product? Or maybe you need to know their pricing sensitivities. We’ve got a survey for that! Each plan includes one strategically placed survey each month.

Online Behavior Analysis– We use digital intelligence and social listening tools to get a well-rounded idea of what publications your audience reads, where they hang out online, who influences them online, and what words do they use often.

What our happy clients say

The easy path to Growth Insights

  1. Select the plan and pricing that meets your needs

  2. Fill in your research brief

  3. Check your inbox each month for customer insights!

Founder behind it All

Hi, I’m Adrienne

I’ve been doing customer research for brands for over six years. In all of my experience, I’ve seen small and resourceful marketing teams making decisions with minimal data and customer insight. Most wish they could have the same type of data as their larger, well-funded counterparts.

They’re smart marketers that know customer research is pivotal to their success, but they lack the time and resources and have to resort to looking at credit card data and doing some social listening in order to understand their customers.

Growth Insights is designed to support small and scrappy marketing teams, so they can understand their customers and grow the business.