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Wait, what?!?! Double Your Revenue?

How can I promise to help double your revenue? Here’s how. Relational Analysis Framework

The Relational Analysis Framework gets us closer to the customer than any other content marketing strategy because companies that know their customers, grow 2-3x faster than those who don’t. 


I work with B2B SaaS companies that are looking to grow and build on a solid foundation of customer sales and retention. My services pair best with companies that are interested in serving customers in a way that turns them into diehard fans and community members. These companies have the foresight to know that old-school hard-sell tactics don’t work in this market, so they’re ready to think outside of the box in order to innovate, build, and grow something that will last.

Hi! I'm Adrienne, the founder of ANB Copywriting

I have over 15 years of writing and research experience, and that is why I understand how hard it is to create content that attracts your ideal customer and doubles your revenue.

I know it can be very frustrating to invest huge amounts of time researching SEO keywords, writing a great piece, publishing it, and promoting it, and then not seeing any results.

I was like most content marketers for b2b SaaS companies. I would create content after looking at what other people in my niche were doing. I was trying all the “best” tactics and techniques for my clients. I was creating community, sharing, promoting, and my content was epic. But I still wasn’t seeing the results I wanted.

I was tired of seeing my clients struggle with their content marketing.

So, I created The Relational Analysis Framework. This framework allows us to fully understand the relationship your potential and current customers have with your company.

Companies I’ve worked with

Why is it important to know the relationship your customers have with your company?

Because through that relationship we clearly understand the customer’s pain points, greatest desires, fears, dreams, and struggles. We live in a customer-centric economy and “whoever gets closest to the customer wins.”

The Relational Analysis Framework gets us closer to the customer than any other content marketing strategy. It shows us exactly how to attract your dream customers that love everything you produce and buy everything you sell.

The Relational Analysis Framework combines customer interviews, social listening, review mining, and data analysis to give us a clear picture of your ideal customers.

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