Serena Williams Posed Nude During Pregnancy and You Should Too

Vanity Fair just released their cover of Serena William- beautiful, round, and pregnant on the cover. She is powerful, bold, feminine, strong, and fierce. While it is in every sense breathtaking, it’s not a new trend. Not even new for Vanity Fair. In 1991 Demi Moore posed nude for the magazine while expecting her daughter Scout.  Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, and Nia Long, and of course Beyonce, are all women who have posed nude or nearly nude while in the later and most obvious stages of pregnancy. So, what is it about baring the bump that is so appealing to women and to the rest of us?

The look is powerful. We all know pregnancy is uncomfortable and even sometimes painful. There’s heartburn, swollen ankles, nausea, aching back, and insomnia just to name a few of the ailments. But when we see a woman carrying her body and her pregnancy with a look of empowerment, it strikes a sense of awe in us all. It reminds us that what is happening is ancient and natural. A woman’s body was made to carry new life. The expansion and pain that accompanies are purposeful, and that purpose is powerful.

The look is feminine. There is nothing more quintessential female than pregnancy. While it may not be a popular concept, our brains are hardwired to find people who can reproduce attractive. It is how we have survived as people. The rounding belly ensures that life resides within the woman. She is the carrier of generations. It is absolutely amazing to look upon. Her soft curves and full breasts are banners to the world that health and vitality are hers.

The look is beautiful. It is easy to admire Serena Williams on the magazine cover. She has no stretch marks (or they’ve been photoshopped out) she’s had a team of people around her all day with the sole purpose of making her beautiful, she’s gained the perfect amount of weight, and it’s only in her stomach. And while these things are true of Serena Williams, they are also true of every woman during pregnancy. The beauty of pregnancy radiates from within.

In recent years, this trend has extended from the magazine cover to our personal Instagram feeds and Facebook pages. The average woman is beginning to embrace her beauty during pregnancy. It is no longer something to hide behind a mu-mu and apron. Expecting Mothers of all shapes, sizes, and ages are reveling in their natural beauty and impressive bodies.

Pregnancy can be a time of negative self-talk, anxiety, and sadness over a growing body. If you are feeling plagued by this negativity, it’s time to bare it all! Get naked or wrap yourself in a shawl and permanently document this experience. See yourself as the rest of us see you, a powerful, feminine, and beautiful wonder of nature. Embrace this body and your beauty, you’ll be so happy you did.