The Laughable Problem Every Homeschool Mom Knows



I’m sure you’ve heard the question. Whether you were in line at the grocery story, or at Thanksgiving dinner with family. It’s the one question that is so absurd, so outlandish that it takes everything you can muster not to laugh in their face. But because you are attempting to model kindness to nearby little eyes and ears, you pierce your lips in such a way that could be interpreted as a smile, when asked;

“Oh! You homeschool!? How will your kids be SOCIALIZED??!!”

Gasp! If you are like me, a quick run-down of all of your weekly activities races through your mind.

  • Ballet
  • Soccer
  • science co-op
  • music lessons
  • Homeschool playdates
  • volunteer work
  • church activities
  • book club

And then there is the actual schooling to get to.

As homeschooling moms know, socialization is in no way an actual concern. Many days and weeks, I have to make an effort to stay home, simplify, and focus on our curriculum.

The average non-homeschooler sees our days as huddled around a kitchen table for 10 hours, sheltering our children from science, (ha!) wearing long denim dresses with no makeup and a baby on the hip. That may have been what homeschooling looked like in the 80’s, especially since it was illegal to homeschool in many states, but today there are hundreds of options and avenues to choose from when you choose to homeschool. Rarely are people staying at home all day, every day. The baby on the hip is still pretty accurate though.

So the next time someone asks you the laughable and dreaded socialization question, invite them over for a day of observation. Or simply give them a shake of the head and go on about your day. Rest assured knowing that your homeschooled kid is socialized in such a way that he will be prepared for ‘real world’ interactions, because that is exactly what he is doing on a daily basis!


Tell me of a time you were asked the dreaded and laughable socialization question?