I found Pocket recently, and it has the potential to change my internet life! That is a bold statement, I know, but this one little app is everything I’ve been wishing for, now I’m just waiting to see if it will measure up. In the meantime, I’ve put together the good, bad, and the ugly of Pocket.

I’m sure, like me, you see tons of content on the internet every day from lifestyle interest blogs, to career informative blogs, to news articles, to YouTube how-tos or product reviews. Tons of information that essentially is going in one ear and out the other to never be seen again for reference or remembrance. Pocket is the solution. It is a one stop-shop for all your saved content on the internet.

Before Pocket if I wanted to save something I would bookmark it, email it to myself, or pin it. Nowadays who knows what is on my Pinterest boards! I can’t seem to find anything in there anymore. My email is hit or miss with searching past content. If I can remember what words I used in the subject line I might be able to search for it, but that’s a rare occurrence, and my bookmark folders with their lackluster design can be difficult to search through.

With Pocket I can save the link and the content is always right there. Very easily accessible!

Not only is Pocket great for storing my content, like any good social app, it shows me what other people are saving and allows me to make connections with people I know. ‘Trending on Pocket’ is filled with content that other Pocket users are saving.

These features are great, and new, as Pocket just revised its offerings in a July update. But, as we now are very aware of when it comes to updates, it usually means there will be bugs and kinks to work out. The reviews on iTunes are less than stellar. With an overall star rating of 2.5 and the most common complaint being that the app doesn’t store the content, which is essentially all I want the app to do.

So, the jury is out on this one. I really want it to work and be amazing. It could change the way I save all of my internet content. I’m going to keep using it in the meantime in hopes that the kinks get worked out, but I’ll be saving the stuff I really want to keep in another way.